Upgrading how taxes are calculated and paid

A wise person once said that one of the few certainties in life is taxes. That can be a dreaded term for some people depending on how difficult it is to calculate and pay taxes every year. But at Centric, we are working on a new user interface for our products to help Dutch municipality workers manage tax payments easier and faster.

Our innovative product is a SaaS solution based on APIs that streamline, automate, and optimize generic tax processes: property tax, valuation, leveling and collection.

The new tax application is a modern and user-friendly solution aimed at improving the overall user experience and providing easy and secure access to a large amount of data (people, companies, buildings, addresses). By also integrating GEO information, connections are visible much faster, and the activities become more intuitive since they can be controlled using a map, rather than from a data set.

Everything with the ultimate goal of reliable and customer-friendly service to citizens.

Antonela Fecheta

Front-end Developer

"I think the are many things that make this project successful. The most important I think is the engagement and dedication of the entire team. We are really committed to our work and I feel that everyone gives their best in order to make the product better. I think we are a perfect match and we support each other, and we can express our opinions and we are open to feedback. This really helps up to grow. And it’s really nice when you feel that your opinion counts.

We are also interested in code quality and try to follow the standards in the development process. We are also working with new technologies, like Angular 9 and we are always looking forward to updating the project to the latest versions.

Also, I think it is really important that we always keep in touch with the end-user and ask for their opinions in order to build a product that really covers their needs. In fact, I was really proud and happy last year, when we had a demo session with some end users and I saw that they are really happy with our work and we met their expectations. Also, that meeting helped us to better understand their needs and they gave us a lot of input in order to make sure that we give them the best experience. My favorite part was when we could see how the workers from the municipality using the application because this made me really proud of everything we had accomplished.

When I came to this project, I didn’t have much experience in front-end, but this gave me the chance to get to work through different kinds of problems and face different challenges every day. Now I can say that I’ve learned a lot of things but there is always new stuff to do. Also, we had some innovation sessions, where we had the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with new ideas to improve our project. For me it’s important to be in a team or a project where I feel like I am heard when I have an idea about how to improve something."

Software testers working at a computer together
Codrut Pantaru

Front-end Developer

" There are a lot of things that happened on this project that made me feel proud:

  • When I was the developer with the most experience on the project and new people joined the team, I helped them integrate and understand the code base.
  • When I overcame technical challenges and add the features that some people referred to as impossible.
  • When we had a meeting with the customers, like a “closed BETA” of the app, where we met them and explained what we are doing for them.
  • When we managed to implement some difficult features, which brought a great sense of achievement when we delivered them.
  • Always keeping an eye on the latest releases of Angular, Angular Material and other libraries to help us achieve a safe, good-looking, and performant app."