Putting the care in death care

The death of a loved one is a difficult and stressful time for anyone. What makes things is worse is when you have to deal with disorganized and unhelpful people working in funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoria.

The goal of our application, Key2Begraven, is to create a better experience for citizens and workers during this difficult time. First developed almost 30 years ago, Key2Begraven has become a multi-tenant, SaaS application with a modern UI that helps death care workers in the Netherlands manage data related to funeral, crematory, and burial processes.

Streamlining the process makes it easier for workers to assist citizens that come to them for help. Features like data being available in one place, paperless requests, request tracking, and maps of grave sites all help workers and citizens work together and create a better experience for everyone involved.

Full stack developer NET developer working at a computer
Iulian Rusu

Full stack Developer

"Clearly my colleagues make this job fun, challenging and interesting. We have a habit of discussing what we’ve discovered recently from a technical and social point of view during our coffee breaks. The ideas that come during a relaxing cup of coffee can easily boost your energy and productivity, whether they are technical ideas or about soft skills.

I like that I can always find new challenges in this project. Being a mature product, you start with basic things at the beginning, but then with time and experience you can go to another level. It’s like a journey, starting with a small piece of code until deployment.

A recent event made me feel really proud of to be part of this team and to work on this project: our product "crossed the border" and was requested from a municipality outside the Netherlands."

“Working on this product, I was able to transition from being a tester to a developer. My career as a developer started here and I continue to learn new things every day. Each sprint, we have to implement new functionalities, different than previous ones, which makes the job more challenging and interesting.”

Alexandru Marian Front-end Developer
XR AR VR developers working together at a computer
Danut Anton

Front-end Developer

"I believe in this business solution and I like that it is challenging. I have encountered a lot of interesting scenarios, which have helped me grow both technically and personally. Having an enthusiastic team is helping me grow and the fact that they listen to my suggestions and opinions is very important. Also, a plus for me at Centric is that I have the opportunity to learn from very experienced people, that follow the best practices and principles.

In general, when I finish some functionality with a complex business logic, I feel fulfilled. For me, this can be a challenge, but after I finish it is like mission accomplished and I know the customers will use something that I implemented. In my opinion, the most important thing for a developer is to see that your work is appreciated and can be used by a customer."