Centric Internship

To be successful, we are constantly developing ourselves. The internship program at Centric is designed for students who want to improve and practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired at university in a company setting. We want to support young IT professionals in developing their skills under the guidance of experienced IT professionals.

Apply for a Centric Internship and nurture your IT career!

So what does our internship look like?

  1. University students from Iasi join Centric project teams under the mentorship of our experienced colleagues.
  2. During the program, they get a dedicated mentor to guide their steps, courses specific to the area of expertise they want to become proficient in, and constant feedback and support from their teammates.
  3. After the internship ends, they have the opportunity to become part of the Centric team as an employee.
Where do you start?

#1st step: choose your internship wisely

Areas of expertise:


What's the recruitment process like?

  • Technical written test
  • A discussion with our friendly recruiters
  • Technical discussion with your mentor
  • Meet your line manager
  • Welcome to the team!

What's in it for you?

  • Learn something that you will be able to use for life.
  • Be mentored by experienced IT professionals.
  • Work in an environment where you are constantly encouraged to make mistakes and to learn something every time.
  • Become part of a Scrum Team and work on applications that are used internally or on real-life projects in Centric IT Solutions Romania.
  • Have fun, get paid, and learn new skills - overall, a cool and useful experience
#GrowWithCentric: internship stories

How can I help you?

Georgiana Porusniuc

If you have any questions, contact Georgiana by email at georgiana.porusniuc@centric.eu, phone +40 736 383 120, or on LinkedIn.