Software architect teaching a School of Centric course about Angular

Summer Practice

Summer Practice is Centric's series of workshops designed for university students and recognized by local universities in Iasi as summer practice. The purpose is to help students gather hands-on experience in technologies used at Centric in the fields of software development and QA.

During 4 weeks in June and July, our colleagues mentor and coordinate 4 teams of 5 students as each team develops a web application. At the end of the sessions, the projects are evaluated according to specific criteria and the team with the best web app is awarded a special prize.

Presentations include information on the following topics

✓ .NET Core, EF Core, Fluent API, Swagger

✓ Angular, Typescript, Bootstrap

✓ Xunit/Nunit, Moq, FluentAssertions

✓ Selenium

Software developer giving a company presentation
Andrei Apetrei

"Summer Practice with Centric is based on designing a web app from scratch, showing the students how we work in teams, what it’s like to go through all the development cycles, how we deal with problems as a team, and what it’s like to present and sell a product - sharing our Centric way of working and things that are difficult to learn while in school.

This something very different to the experience I had when I was in college. This is part of the reason I got involved. Seeing students learning new things and enjoying the experience is really nice. I feel like I am giving back the community and helping students make the gap between college and being a professional, a little easier to navigate.

In fact, I have a colleague on my team who I first met a few years ago at Summer Practice. He then joined Centric Express, became a Centric intern, and then started a job at Centric. That is one of the best parts of being involved – seeing that you made an impact on someone and that they can actually become your colleague."

Centric DevOps Managed Services reading a book during a training
Alin Rotundu

"Summer Practice is a great program in which the trainers have the opportunity to bond with college students and the students have the opportunity to make one of the first steps in their IT career by learning from real IT professionals.

I decided to become involved because I loved the idea of students learning from people working in the IT industry. I was thinking about how much I would have liked to have had this opportunity when I was still a student and since this was not possible back then, I felt this was my chance to be involved.

At the start of the program we connect ourselves with a bunch of new people, we engage together in a new journey and we succeed in helping them to learn how an IT company is working. The entire program relates to Connect, Engage, Succeed."

Vlad Iacob

"I was in my first year of my master's and wanted to give something back to the university and students, so some colleagues and I started with just an idea of what Summer Practice could be. We knew it is mandatory for everyone in the third year of faculty to have some kind of summer practice experience. Most do internships, but there are some that have this at the university. Wanting to give the students the best possible experience we spoke to a professor who was able to help us create a program that would be counted as summer practice experience. And we have been working with more and more Summer Practice at Centric students every year.

What the best part for me is that after one or two years of doing this, I started to see students from summer practice working for IT companies in Palas, and even at Centric. It makes you feel good to see their progress and to know that you played a part in their growth. It doesn’t matter if they work at Centric. It is just important that they do something good with their lives.

This also really helps the entire IT community as well. With programs like Summer Practice, students graduate from faculty with more experience. They have gotten to see how things work at an IT company and are more ready to work at one. I strongly believe that if you help develop the market, you are helping develop your own people as you need to keep up with the new market level you helped create. It does not matter if these students work at your company, you will still see a growth."