Front end developers and full stack developers working during a training

Centric Labs

While Centric employees work on interesting and challenging projects, we know that they also have their own great ideas, passions, and development plans that may require work outside their projects. Centric Labs is a place where employees can develop and learn new skills while working on innovative projects in collaboration with colleagues they may have never worked with before.

Through various projects we have developed - applications for project management, library and e-learning management, event planning, and financial administration - Centric Labs helps colleagues and the company reach various goals.

Centric Labs helps facilitate and contribute to the digital transformation of the company, explore new development tools and techniques that could be adopted company-wide, develop innovative and useful internal applications and POCs, develop higher quality and more secure software, and encourage creativity and proactivity.

Through this work, our colleagues can work together with experienced colleagues and new teams, they can learn new soft skills and technical skills, they can explore new fields on interest, and put learned skills from School of Centric courses and e-learning courses into practice.

“I learned a lot about styling and design while working in Centric Labs. This was the first time I worked with a designer, so I was able to learn a lot about specs and UI. This really helped me on other projects.”

Alin Iamandii
Full stack developer Front end developer working at a laptop during a conference
Madalina Rusu

"While working in Centric Labs, I have learned to communicate better and bond with people faster. I know I will not stay in the same team forever, so when I have to move to a new team, it will be easier. I learned that I have to ask when I need something and there are people to help me. I just have to ask and let them know."

“Now I am working on project using front-end technologies. If I hadn’t worked for Centric Labs and learned those technologies, I don’t think I would be on this project now. Centric Labs really helped my career growth.”

Antonela Fecheta
UI UX designer working on a Centric product
Simona Coroama

"In Centric Labs, I learned how to become a better decision maker. On projects, I often have to choose between two approaches, and Centric Labs helped me learn how to make the best decision for the situation."