XR AR VR developers working on an application on the laptop

UCAF - connecting business and technical knowledge

In Centric, we create various solutions for our customers - from the public sector to retail and HR& Payroll. But we also want to improve the way we work internally and try to make our job easier. This is how UCAF - Unified Centric Automation Framework - started, a project that wants to facilitate the connection between business and technical knowledge.

Based on keyword-driven technology, the project was started from scratch by a team made up of some of our best experts in Romania. Their plan: to help our Dutch colleagues use the benefits of automation testing and design test cases even without having the technical knowledge.

Iulian Mitrea

Quality Assurance Coordinator

"I like the fact that we can create internal software with the newest technologies, and we have the playground to develop new tools based on our needs. We started this project as a solution to a common need both in Romania and the Netherlands. We then made it into a business case that the management understood and fully supported. I believe that this project's success comes out of how it manages to use the business knowledge of our Dutch colleagues in improving the quality of our products."

Victor Saveanu

Test Architect

"We started this project from scratch, so it's basically our creation entirely. We got to research all the ideas, pick the technologies, methodologies and design the application instead of working on something already in place. I am proud of the work that was done to bring it to the point where is it today. We are on a good track and all the feedback we have received so far is positive."