Helping residents of Oss move to a new address, no stress

Our public sector products are used by many local governments across the Netherlands. Developers and testers in Romania can get first-hand information about how government workers are using the software our colleagues are creating to help improve their jobs as well as the daily lives of citizens. Oss, for example, uses the Key2CivilAffairs application to help manage the reporting of relocations.

Since 2018, residents of the Dutch municipality of Oss have been able to report their relocation online. The municipality facilitates this with the Centric eService Report Relocation. To expand their provision of online services, Oss is working closely together with Centric. To improve this close cooperation, employees of the municipality periodically join Centric’s Expert Group Provision of Services.

Anthony Kleijnen, senior employee, Oss Department of Civil Affairs : “It’s nice to know we can always influence the functionality of the eServices. Employees who work in that specific workplace every day know what they want like no other, without considering the technical possibilities”.

No more wrong house numbers

During the first three months, 1.326 relocations were reported in the municipality, 964 (71%) of which were reported through the eService. The biggest improvement of working with the eService is the transaction of the reports through Key2Civil Affairs.

Anthony: “Before, we used e-forms. These forms were sent to our mailbox as PDF files, and we transferred everything to Key2Civil Affairs by hand. There was always the risk of a wrong house number or a wrong date. With the eService, modifications automatically end up in Key2Civil Affairs, thus avoiding mistakes. An improvement of quality, for sure! Double so, because now we can spend more time on the more difficult cases”.

Three clicks and you’re done

The eService Report Relocation translated into great time savings for Oss. Anthony: “At the counter, we would spend more or less half an hour on checking, concluding, and confirming a report for a relocation. Processing a report that came in through the e-forms was as efficient as it could get: we just had to print it, put the data into Key2Civil Affairs by hand, and have one other colleague double check it before filing it.

“With the eService, you can move through the relocations very easily. You click three buttons, and the report is processed. We weren’t used to that. My colleagues are very pleased. Everyone quickly learned how to handle the systems, and which steps had to be taken in the process.”

80% of relocations processed automatically

Processing relocations without an employee getting involved? It’s possible, using the Civil Affairs eServices, but Oss is not doing that yet. Anthony: “We strive to do that in the future. We would love for normal relocations to be processed automatically. I think 80% of relocations are regular cases, so then we could spend more time and energy on the 20% that cannot be processed automatically.”

The municipality of Oss also strives for a link with their activity-based information system. “Currently, we send confirmations by hand, through physical post. We also want to provide status information through the government website,”