Training the next generation of IT professionals

In 2016, with the help of enthusiastic colleagues, we launched a program dedicated to students who wanted to improve their technical and soft skills – Centric Express. It is focused on raising awareness of IT in general, as well as the specific disciplines, technologies, and development methodologies used at Centric.

Fast forward to 2020, the 5th edition of this program encountered an unexpected opponent, aka a global pandemic, that made it impossible for it to take place as before. So, we took it online and traded our green headquarters for a Teams environment.

For 6 weeks, 27 trainers met online each Saturday with eager participants and shared their knowledge about Communication and Teamwork, AR/VR, OOP, UI/UX and Front-End, .NET, Quality Assurance, GraphQL & WebAPIs and Cybersecurity. It was a new and exciting experience for our colleagues, and most of the attendees, and in the end, they overcame the challenges, taught, learned, and managed to have fun.

A big kudos to them, to the team that worked behind the scenes to make the event possible, and to all the passengers who joined us on this ride!